Steel Pipe Internal Grinding Wheel

Specifications:Grinding wheel diameter 85~400mm, thickness 10~100mm;Special requirements can be customized.

Speed:The maximum linear speed is 60m/s, up to 80m/s with special enhancement method.

Scope:Grinding all kinds of carbon steel pipe, cast iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, titanium pipe, high alloy pipe.

Product details


1. Large-diameter high-temperature and high-pressure alloy pipes used in the four major pipelines of the power plant and the main pipelines of the nuclear power plant, the main models are P91, P92, WB36, P11, P12, P22, P23, etc.

2. Oil casing, main models h-40, j-55, m-65, l-80, c-95, n-80, t-95, p-110, q-125, etc.

3. High pressure boiler tube, high pressure fertilizer tube, petroleum cracking tube, main models A269, A312, A213, T91, T23, T22, and carbon steel tube.

4. Ductile iron pipe series, imported class such as F36200 high temperature ductile iron, domestic class QT400-(18, 15), qt450-10, qt500-7, qt600-3, qt700-2, qt800-2, qt900-2, etc.